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July 22, 2024

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How To Avoid Troubles In Motor Insurance Claim Settlement. Here Are The Tips

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How to avoid troubles in motor insurance claim settlement. Here are the tips

Motor insurance prevents financial strain after accidents or damage. In India, third-party insurance is mandatory due to frequent accidents. However, comprehensive policies are recommended for better protection, covering medical costs, vehicle repairs, or replacement.

Comprehensive insurance may cover policyholders and third parties, with added benefits like personal accident coverage, own damage coverage, 24/7 spot assistance, and theft protection. Ensure you understand your policy and follow the correct claim procedure to avoid potential claim denials. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

  • Consider Your Options

Before buying car insurance online, shop to ensure it fits your needs and vehicle. Compare policy attributes, benefits, and premiums to uncover gaps or additional coverage requirements. Insurtech platforms have made this process easier with quick quotes, online purchases, and straightforward claims, helping customers make informed decisions.

  • Understand Your Policy

Failure to follow the policy’s terms often leads to rejected motor insurance claims. To prevent this, fully understand your policy by carefully reading it, including coverage, exclusions, and the claims process. Common exclusions involve wear and tear, intoxication, war, breakdowns, driving without a valid license, and certain natural disasters unless stated otherwise. Take price into consideration using a car insurance calculator.*

  • Maintain Thorough Records

A motor insurance claim‘s success depends on accurate documentation. Ensure that you have your driver’s licence, registration certificate, and any other paperwork required for your vehicle with you.

Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy.

Keeping track of your car’s regular maintenance and repairs is also a good idea. This will make it simpler to identify the cause of the damage and estimate the size of the loss by establishing the condition of the car before the accident.

  • Act Quickly

In an accident, it is crucial to notify the insurance provider immediately. If the car has been in an accident, remember to take thorough pictures of the damage and list any items taken.

Typically, vehicle insurance companies give you 48 hours to file a claim. Your claim may only be allowed if you submit the proper paperwork to your insurance company within the allotted time frame. Before bringing your car in for repairs, report any damage to your insurance provider.

  • Be Truthful And Open-Minded

It is crucial to be aware that failing to provide accurate information about the state of your vehicle when a motor policy was issued is regarded as fraud and may lead to your claim being rejected.

Your insurance policy may also be void if you withhold information or lie about the state of your car. To ensure that you are entirely covered in an accident or other covered occurrence, it is always ideal to be truthful about the condition of your vehicle.

Additionally, it is suggested that you keep a log of your communications with the insurance provider, including the call’s date and time, the person’s name, and a summary of your conversation. This will enable you to monitor the status of your claim and will be helpful if you need to contact the company again.

*Standard T&C Apply

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